Seeing green at Cisco Networkers

If you had to pick a color to describe this year’s Cisco Networkers, it would have to be green.

In line with growing corporate awareness of the need for sustainability, the environment is high on the agenda in almost every facet of the event.  For a start, the location itself was chosen in part for its green credentials. Barcelona is committed to sustainable development through a plan called Agenda 21, and the event venue has a range of environmentally friendly features, from natural cooling to recycled building materials. 

There are also efforts to minimize the environmental impact of Networkers 2008 with easily located recycling bins, minimal use of disposable materials for sessions and catering, services provided by environmentally-friendly suppliers and reusable materials in stand construction. Much of the merchandise for the event is also environmentally friendly and paper use has been reduced where possible, for example by providing online tools for registration and scheduling.

All delegates are being asked to do their bit, for example by traveling on foot or by public transport. 

Last but not least, Cisco is promoting sustainable IT through a green stand in the World of Solutions area, a green IT white paper and a series of videos that have been shot specifically for the event. We will be posting these imminently; check back to this blog for more details.   


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