In summary…..

So how did we do? Well, it almost goes without saying that we hope Cisco Networkers 2008 was a success. With 76 countries represented, 3760 delegates, more than 5100 visitors (including Cisco staff, partners, exhibitors, press and analysts) and 66 partners exhibiting, this was easily the biggest Networkers in Europe.

Having more people and more sessions than ever created an unequalled climate for collaboration, making the event a real hit with customers and exhibitors. But size is not everything. Next year’s Networkers will, hopefully, be bigger still.   We may look forward to more groundbreaking technologies and inspirational speakers. And even this year’s ‘Ignite Innovation’ theme, while completely appropriate, is hardly unique: innovation will undoubtedly remain an issue in business and IT for the foreseeable future.  

So what will this Networkers be remembered for? Possibly two things. The first is that this was the first year when the environment really shared a stage with technology, with many of the technologies on show—from TelePresence to datacenter IT—having a ‘green’ slant. And the second is that this is the first year that a real attempt has been made to extend the collaboration and community aspects of the event beyond the physical confines of the show. Networkers may be over, but the online community, of which this blog is a part, remains.  Now it is over to you to keep it alive….don’t forget to get connected at Cisco Networkers Connect!


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