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Following Leadbeater’s recipe for innovation

Cisco Networkers 2008 opened with the motto ‘Ignite Innovation’ and few people have come closer to doing that than the day two keynote speaker, Charles Leadbeater. 

In 2005 Accenture ranked Leadbeater as one of the top management thinkers in the world and his credits include advising former U.K. premier Tony Blair, writing books such as Living on Thin Air, providing consultancy to Vodafone, Microsoft and others and helping devise Bridget Jones’s diary.    

At Networkers he encouraged delegates to think outside the box about thinking outside the box.  

“We’ve been told that creativity comes from special people in special places—labs, science parks and so on—and if you want more creativity, you take more special people and put them into more special places,” he said. “I think that’s wrong. Most innovation is not about being creative.” 

What really drives innovation, Leadbeater believes, is seven Cs: crisis, curiosity, combination, conversation, co-evolution, challenge and commitment.  

As this year’s Networkers draws to a close, it is fair to say that at least six of those seven Cs have been here in abundance. Let’s hope there are no crises on the way to the airport.


Chris Dedicoat opens record-breaking Networkers

Cisco’s president of European Markets, Chris Dedicoat, kicked off the biggest-ever Cisco Networkers event by staying at his hotel.  

Well, almost; in fact he stepped into a mock-up of a hotel room on the stage, as part of a demo showing how Cisco technologies are changing the world around us.  

Screens flickered to life around him as the room came alive with a host of personalized features, from targeted advertising to a TV channel selection exported directly from the set-top box at home. 

While the demo was lot of fun, Dedicoat’s message to this European audience was serious. Europe has to wake up now, he said, to the need for this kind of innovation if it is to overcome the productivity gap that separates it from other markets such as the United States.  

He went on to talk about Cisco itself is fostering innovation, with 4200 patents, 22,000 engineers and 125 acquisitions to its credit. Perhaps more importantly, he said, Cisco has a track record in turning good ideas into commercial successes, a critical ingredient in successful innovation.  

Meanwhile, those wanting to foster innovation themselves at Networkers this year should not find it difficult.  

A total of 5300 delegates are attending (over 600 had to be turned away) and there are 165 tutorials and 80 registered Cisco experts, along with the first-ever demonstration of TelePresence at a Networkers event. Definitely something worth leaving the hotel for.